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    The rapidly growing economies in this region offer a wealth of opportunities to be pursued attracting investors and businesses from all over the globe. Our knowledge of the business culture as well as the local market needs puts us in the forefront of guiding you in your expansion here. We provide you with the necessary means to explore your prospects here in a manner tailored specifically to your requirements.

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    and networks

    • Energy
    • Energy Policy Analysis
    • Oil and gas
    • Engineering
    • Aquaculture
    • Marketing
    • Communication

    Speaking your language and a holistic view of the market enables us to communicate effectively the value and competitiveness of your product or service.

  • Services


    We learn about your business and goals for this market and together plan the approach for your internationalisation project.

    Market Research – Evaluation

    Collection and analysis of all relevant information on the local market. This information is assessed to better evaluate your opportunities and outline your strategic options.

    Finding a partner

    Distributors, development partners, suppliers or manufacturers, we can find the ideal local partner for your business. We make contact with them and perform a pre interview to determine the most suitable candidates.

    Know your new partner

    Already have someone in mind to partner with? We can perform reputation checks on a particular company that you are thinking of partnering with to give you peace of mind.

    Business Model advice

    Depending on your product/service and which market you want to target there are different business models available that you can adopt locally. We offer an insight and comparison of the business models and free zones so you can make an informed decision.

    Mobilization Study

    Establish correct positioning of your product/service and a communication strategy for the local market through interviews with potential customers.

    Energy Policy Analysis

    Assess energy technologies in terms of their energy-on-energy-invested, dollar costs, environmental costs, and national security costs to help policy makers formulating national energy strategy and policy.

    Meet a partner

    We make all the necessary arrangements and contact your prospective candidates for you to meet them, present your business and interview them yourself. We can attend the meetings with you or for you.

    Practical assistance

    • Event and meeting planning
    • Content assessment of corporate presentations
    • Support with business registration, office space rental and recruitment.

    Anything else?

    Is there something in particular you would like help with that you cannot find on the list? Most likely we can do something for you so get in touch and we will provide you with help to accommodate your needs.

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